Who we are

MAVRiC stands for Mixed, Augmented and Virtual Reality Realities inter-Connected 

We are a group of architects, architectural technologists, designers, educators and academics with a shared passion for and a common interest in novel, state-of-the-art and alternative technologies including but not limited to UAVs, robotics, haptics, point clouds, modular computing platforms and in particular virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies. Our specialist knowledge of both XR and AEC industries, combined with our expertise in academic pure and applied research and experience as professional educators enable us to understand, and articulate practical problems and provide the most applicable solutions to some of the most pressing problems that the AEC industry faces with today.

What we do

We design and carry out specialised research (both pure and applied) on, around and using XR applications addressing/to address variousying problems around a wide range of aspects (surrounding/concerning) of built and natural environment. The outcome of our research has been presented and disseminated as a wide range of materials including publications, presentation, lectures, reports and initiatives for increasing public awareness, education and training in international conferences, online outlets and scientific journals. Enabling the underprivileged and underrepresented groups in our endeavours, we strive to promote gender, racial and ethnic equities and by doing so, advocate a fairer, more accessible and more transparent personal and professional environment for all.

Our History

Founded by Dr Poorang Piroozfar in 2017, MAVRiC has been an ever-growing endeavour at the forefront of research and innovation in application of some new and innovative advanced AR, VR and MR (XR) technologies in the AEC industry. Throughout our history, we have been exploring the fast and ever-changing world of virtual, augmented and mixed reality, while sharing our knowledge at events and via digital media.

Our Aspirations

MAVRiC is and will always be a non-for-profit organisation, with the goal to better the common understanding of these complex technologies through education, experimentation and application. We aspire to be specialists in our field, with a goal to aid industry professionals, students, younger and future generations and benefit underrepresented groups and underprivileged communities and contribute to research and development initiatives.