5? No! 32? No! 33 or Virtureality 2.0…

Prologue My other post about virtuality was read and I got some suggestions from some of the people I care about as to maybe I want to write a follow up on that post; between you and me, I think they liked it. So here we go… Plot one: Hunger Have you heard of SuzanneContinue reading “5? No! 32? No! 33 or Virtureality 2.0…”

Virtureality: Boon or Bane?

Prologue 1 We, Homosapiens, have undergone a constant and steady evolutionary process over the course of the last millennia. We are still undergoing this evolutionary process in the digital era at/to/with an unprecedented rate/extent/dimension. The ways in which we are evolving in the digital era is different from our revolutionary journey throughout the history. WeContinue reading “Virtureality: Boon or Bane?”