Virtual Reality for Urban Gardening: Creating the Model

Earlier this year, MAVRiC were approached to develop an exciting Virtual Reality (VR) application that aims to address the need for sustainable urban agriculture. In collaboration with the Brighton and Hove Food Partnership and the University of Brighton, our task was to reflect, and perhaps enhance the principles outlined in Dr Mikey Tomkins “Edible Map”Continue reading “Virtual Reality for Urban Gardening: Creating the Model”

Teaching myself how to juggle using VR

I’ve always wanted to be able to juggle, its one of those things that when other people do it, it looks really easy and you can’t work out why you can’t just do it immediately. I’m currently reading Jaron Lanier’s ‘Dawn of the New Everything’ (great book by the way), in the book, he brieflyContinue reading “Teaching myself how to juggle using VR”

A look inside industry perceptions of augmented reality

New technologies will always be fascinating; they challenge the way we do things and how we experience them. This fascination is usually, in my case anyway, accompanied by grandeur visions of a technological experience so intensely fun and productive; of a marketing device that sells your business for you; of tech that could achieve ‘fullContinue reading “A look inside industry perceptions of augmented reality”

Utilities aren’t ready for augmented reality, and here’s why…

The world beneath our feet is a complex one (or a messy one depending on your opinion of it). Either way, it seems like with the technology we have at our hands, it’d be easier to make sense of it all? Wouldn’t it be great if we could hold up our phones and see allContinue reading “Utilities aren’t ready for augmented reality, and here’s why…”