Fun Ways to Use Point Cloud in VR

Capturing point cloud data is an interesting pursuit, however post-production to clean up these scanned assets if often the opposite and can be quite a tedious task depending on your use case. Continuing our LiDAR journey then, today we look at ways to make things a little more interesting in this space. How so? Easy,Continue reading “Fun Ways to Use Point Cloud in VR”

5 Essential Extensions For Modelling In SketchUp

Be it for virtual or augmented reality, architectural visualisation, design etc. One powerful skill is the ability to model in 3D quickly and effectively. SketchUp is one such tool that can help with this, given its intuitive approach to 3D modelling. As with everything it’s not perfect, but thanks to the many Ruby extensions it’sContinue reading “5 Essential Extensions For Modelling In SketchUp”