Photogrammetry to Augmented Reality: A How To Guide

I was very excited to see the release of Unity AR Companion app this week. Object scanning, placement, and integration with unity projects all achievable in one app… at a cost. I was disheartened to see that it requires a Unity MARS license (which to their credit has a free trial period for 45 days)Continue reading “Photogrammetry to Augmented Reality: A How To Guide”

How to Run a Successful VR Workshop

Happy new year! (It’s still okay to say that, right?). How are your new year resolutions going? Whether you’ve got one or not, we’d like to propose one more for 2022 – especially to those who got a VR headset for Christmas or are currently digging through the January sales. Your goal is to RunContinue reading “How to Run a Successful VR Workshop”

This update turns your VR headset into an AR headset

Oculus have recently released their passthrough API to enable developers to produce augmented reality applications for the Oculus Quest headsets. Yep, you heard me right, your VR headset is now also an AR headset, (and just by updating it)! If you’re anything like us, what you probably want to know is whether it’s any good?Continue reading “This update turns your VR headset into an AR headset”

How One Rendering Technique Is Improving VR Performance (Part 2)

In our previous blog we covered some fundamentals of FR, let’s now take a look at how it’s being delivered today and some exciting technologies which surround it. Fixed Foveated Rendering (FFR) FFR is a method of applying static foveation to the display periphery (the lens distortion region in particular), resulting in rendering computing loadContinue reading “How One Rendering Technique Is Improving VR Performance (Part 2)”

How One Rendering Technique Is Improving VR Performance

Rendering virtual reality is resource-intensive. It involves simultaneously rendering two high-resolution displays, one for each eye; hence why VR requires powerful hardware in order to process and deliver the information to a suitable frame rate for your viewing pleasure. That said, alongside hardware development, other exciting endeavours are being pursued to mitigate and handle suchContinue reading “How One Rendering Technique Is Improving VR Performance”

Double Tap: Powerful AR Interactions

In a previous blog post, we discussed how to create rotate and scale functions in AR. Let’s say you now want the object to do something else, like animate, change colour or explode, you’d add a button right? Wrong! There’s still lots more UX design we can do here. In this post, I’m going toContinue reading “Double Tap: Powerful AR Interactions”

Git, GitHub and Game Engines: A How to Guide

Game engines are complex bits of kit, and a lot of the time we’re trying and testing things out to see what works best. Sometimes, the things we do in these game engines can’t be undone, or all that time we spent working things out was for nothing and now we have to go andContinue reading “Git, GitHub and Game Engines: A How to Guide”

UE4: Start Using ‘Variant Sets’ Today

Are you someone who provides a service or product where presenting customisability or options are of importance? If so, “variant sets” are a need-to-know feature of the Unreal Engine. This is part one of a 3 part mini-series looking into Unreal’s ‘Variant Sets’. Tell me more… A variant is a configuration of one or moreContinue reading “UE4: Start Using ‘Variant Sets’ Today”

A Guide to VR Input in Unreal Engine

If you’ve been following our series of blog posts, you may have come across our ‘how to’ guide for Unity’s input system. Thanks to OpenXR making extended reality devices easier to design for, more and more development platforms are adopting the initiative and expanding their input library. In this post, similar to our Unity guide,Continue reading “A Guide to VR Input in Unreal Engine”

Fun Ways to Use Point Cloud in VR

Capturing point cloud data is an interesting pursuit, however post-production to clean up these scanned assets if often the opposite and can be quite a tedious task depending on your use case. Continuing our LiDAR journey then, today we look at ways to make things a little more interesting in this space. How so? Easy,Continue reading “Fun Ways to Use Point Cloud in VR”

Level Up Your AR UX Design

How’s the pergola going you ask? Great thanks! My parents have bought the materials for its due for delivery next week. I even managed to show them the AR model I made in the previous blog post when I went up to their house for a socially distanced garden cuppa. Except the app didn’t doContinue reading “Level Up Your AR UX Design”

Why your 3D gamified models are not VR ready…

Gamification is the process of tweaking 3D models so that they attribute similar features of a typical game, but with the objective to promote learning/understanding. In the AEC industry, this typically means turning our 3D BIM heavy architectural models into ‘archviz’ models or ‘data interrogation’ models, usually to migrate with software like game engines. TheContinue reading “Why your 3D gamified models are not VR ready…”

What you need to know about getting started with Augmented Reality in Unity

During the Christmas break my dad mentioned to me that he was thinking about getting a pergola for his garden in time for the summer. Now that everyone is bound to their homes at the moment, I said it was a good idea, he also offered (suggested) that I do the design for it sinceContinue reading “What you need to know about getting started with Augmented Reality in Unity”

🎓Try This At Home: Quick VR in Unreal Engine

Want to know how to ‘Matrix’ yourself into a project as quick as possible? Please read on… 💊 Following on from our previous post on Unreal’s Datasmith which looked at importing BIM and 3D information via typical AEC software at the click of a button, we’re now going to turn this 3D information into 3DContinue reading “🎓Try This At Home: Quick VR in Unreal Engine”

🎓Try This At Home: Datasmith for Unreal

Intro Having been an avid gamer for many years, when I got my hands on a copy of Unreal Tournament 2004 sometime around 2005, my focus laid squarely on immersing myself in the videogame. However, like a trojan horse carrying whatever the opposite of malware is (benevolware?.. maybe not), little did I realise that theContinue reading “🎓Try This At Home: Datasmith for Unreal”

What you need to know about Unity’s XR Toolkit and its new input system

Are you confused by the new input system for Unity’s XR Interaction Toolkit? I was too when I first saw it, especially as I’d mainly been using Unity for solely VR and AR purposes. However, you shouldn’t be! It’s actually a lot simpler than it looks and you should definitely be using it because itContinue reading “What you need to know about Unity’s XR Toolkit and its new input system”