Photogrammetry to Augmented Reality: A How To Guide

I was very excited to see the release of Unity AR Companion app this week. Object scanning, placement, and integration with unity projects all achievable in one app… at a cost. I was disheartened to see that it requires a Unity MARS license (which to their credit has a free trial period for 45 days)Continue reading “Photogrammetry to Augmented Reality: A How To Guide”

Double Tap: Powerful AR Interactions

In a previous blog post, we discussed how to create rotate and scale functions in AR. Let’s say you now want the object to do something else, like animate, change colour or explode, you’d add a button right? Wrong! There’s still lots more UX design we can do here. In this post, I’m going toContinue reading “Double Tap: Powerful AR Interactions”

LiDAR contenders: How do they measure up?📏

Several months ago we took an in-depth look at MagicPlan with their updated LiDAR scanning capabilities and compared how effective it was against traditional pen & paper approach. We found that the LiDAR on it’s own was pretty “naff” when it comes to accuracy. Today we are looking at another option available using LiDAR toContinue reading “LiDAR contenders: How do they measure up?📏”

What you need to know about getting started with Augmented Reality in Unity

During the Christmas break my dad mentioned to me that he was thinking about getting a pergola for his garden in time for the summer. Now that everyone is bound to their homes at the moment, I said it was a good idea, he also offered (suggested) that I do the design for it sinceContinue reading “What you need to know about getting started with Augmented Reality in Unity”

MagicPlan: Now with added LiDAR 🧂

Your measured surveys are taking too long aren’t they? You want surveys complete in the time it takes to drink that cup of tea the client has made – lucky you! that’ll take the edge off the monotony – and you want to head back to HQ safe in the knowledge that you’ve (definitely) notContinue reading “MagicPlan: Now with added LiDAR 🧂”