🎓Try This At Home: Quick VR in Unreal Engine

Want to know how to ‘Matrix’ yourself into a project as quick as possible? Please read on… 💊 Following on from our previous post on Unreal’s Datasmith which looked at importing BIM and 3D information via typical AEC software at the click of a button, we’re now going to turn this 3D information into 3DContinue reading “🎓Try This At Home: Quick VR in Unreal Engine”

🎓Try This At Home: Datasmith for Unreal

Intro Having been an avid gamer for many years, when I got my hands on a copy of Unreal Tournament 2004 sometime around 2005, my focus laid squarely on immersing myself in the videogame. However, like a trojan horse carrying whatever the opposite of malware is (benevolware?.. maybe not), little did I realise that theContinue reading “🎓Try This At Home: Datasmith for Unreal”