Git, GitHub and Game Engines: A How to Guide

Game engines are complex bits of kit, and a lot of the time we’re trying and testing things out to see what works best. Sometimes, the things we do in these game engines can’t be undone, or all that time we spent working things out was for nothing and now we have to go andContinue reading “Git, GitHub and Game Engines: A How to Guide”

UE4: Start Using ‘Variant Sets’ Today

Are you someone who provides a service or product where presenting customisability or options are of importance? If so, “variant sets” are a need-to-know feature of the Unreal Engine. This is part one of a 3 part mini-series looking into Unreal’s ‘Variant Sets’. Tell me more… A variant is a configuration of one or moreContinue reading “UE4: Start Using ‘Variant Sets’ Today”

A Guide to VR Input in Unreal Engine

If you’ve been following our series of blog posts, you may have come across our ‘how to’ guide for Unity’s input system. Thanks to OpenXR making extended reality devices easier to design for, more and more development platforms are adopting the initiative and expanding their input library. In this post, similar to our Unity guide,Continue reading “A Guide to VR Input in Unreal Engine”

Why your 3D gamified models are not VR ready…

Gamification is the process of tweaking 3D models so that they attribute similar features of a typical game, but with the objective to promote learning/understanding. In the AEC industry, this typically means turning our 3D BIM heavy architectural models into ‘archviz’ models or ‘data interrogation’ models, usually to migrate with software like game engines. TheContinue reading “Why your 3D gamified models are not VR ready…”

🎓Try This At Home: Quick VR in Unreal Engine

Want to know how to ‘Matrix’ yourself into a project as quick as possible? Please read on… 💊 Following on from our previous post on Unreal’s Datasmith which looked at importing BIM and 3D information via typical AEC software at the click of a button, we’re now going to turn this 3D information into 3DContinue reading “🎓Try This At Home: Quick VR in Unreal Engine”

🎓Try This At Home: Datasmith for Unreal

Intro Having been an avid gamer for many years, when I got my hands on a copy of Unreal Tournament 2004 sometime around 2005, my focus laid squarely on immersing myself in the videogame. However, like a trojan horse carrying whatever the opposite of malware is (benevolware?.. maybe not), little did I realise that theContinue reading “🎓Try This At Home: Datasmith for Unreal”